Zaproszenia rysowane prawdziwą ręką.


Hello friends! My name is Anka. Welcome to Wtem Znikąd, a Polish-based hand-drawn wedding invitation brand.

“Wtem znikąd” is Polish for “suddenly, out of nowhere”. Suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re announcing your engagement. (Congratulations!) And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, there’s tons of stuff to be taken care of. Take invitations. Where should you get them? How would you like them? And most importantly, why are there doves on each and every website you’re checking out? You don’t want pigeons. Why would anyone want pigeons.

If you’re tired of pigeons and want something custom-made, personal, something AWESOME – LOOK NO FURTHER, FRIENDS. Suddenly, out of nowhere, everything’s taken care of.

Take a look at what I offer and contact me at for details, pricing, ideas or just idle chat about how to best destroy pigeons.

See you soon!

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